Student short film evening

Wednesday 20th April 2016
Picture House Social

We invited students from Sheffield Hallam University to submit their films, and have put together a little programme of shorts. Topics include romance, racism, aesthetics and busking, using animation, drama and documentary, in locations from Heeley City Farm to Liverpool One.

Many thanks to all the students who submitted their work, and to course tutor and Principal Lecturer Annie Watson for co-ordinating.

Here’s part 1 of the programme, with info and trailers for the animation shorts:

Liam Hall – Illuminated

Kathryn Adams – The Bench

Barney Thomas – Love, Hate and Haircuts

Dan Hodgson – Inhumation

Kathryn Adams – Buskers   – A Natural Art

Tom Noonan – Aesthetics

Wolfmother films – Lady in the Window


Illuminated – Liam Hall, 2015


This follows the story of a young man’s romantic gesture that spirals out of control, inciting “illuminated” results, lighting the darkness, Is he consumed by love or something else?

This 3 minute film was produced during the third year Animation Course, inspired by the maker’s own struggle to balance work and life.

“Ironically”, he says, “I haven’t learned my lesson”

Also interested in how art direction supports the narrative and affected the other elements of animation production such as character design. Experimenting with music and how this enhances the story, pacing and mood. Produced digitally using Adobe Flash, After Affects and Photoshop. Now in the process of making second short, “Cinematheque” as part of final year study.

Inhumation – Dan Hodgson 2015


When a young woman’s father denies her the right to marry the man she loves in favour of a much richer man, she is heartbroken and sinks into a deep catatonic state, resulting in her premature burial. The bride and her true love’s hearts still beat as one – but will this be enough to reclaim her from the grave?  “Inhumation” is a true Victorian tale of love, money and death.

Dan’s animation style combines traditional techniques with contemporary digital animation, Characters and foreground elements were animated in stop motion against a light box, using mainly oil, paper, black card and string. These elements were then composited into a 3D environment built up from other handmade assets using Adobe After Effects, where lighting and camera effects were added.

This film was the winner of the Nick Park Animation Award 2015 (as judged by the man himself) and received the runner up prize during the Royal Television Student Awards, Yorkshire 2015.  Dan is now producing his next short film for the final year of his Masters degree in Animation.