The Scarlet Empress

Von Sternberg (1935)

Sunday 8 March
The Showroom Cinema S1 2BX

This was the final part of our Film Bites Von Sternberg season at The Showroom, replacing The Devil Is A Woman due to licensing restrictions.

Hollywood has never been especially kind to its mavericks, but it really did not help that Sternberg was so relentlessly self-aggrandising in terms of claiming credit for every aspect of his productions. Although he did cast an unmistakeable auteur’s stamp on every one of his films, film-making is essentially a result of team work and he never properly acknowledged this.

In Sternberg’s own words, it was “…a relentless excursion into style” – “which, taken for granted in any other work of art, is considered to be unpardonable in this medium