Red Dot Cinema 2015 vol.1

Monday 27 April 2015
Picture House Social

This was an eclectic programme of contemporary short films from directors across Asia, including documentaries, animation and dramas from Thailand, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam and Iran. Put together by Singapore’s Red Dot Cinema and screened by people like us at events all over the world. We cosied up in the Picture House Social’s mini cinema.

Our audience voted The Guardians as their favourite, with special mention to Destiny.

The films


Daniel Yam, Singapore, 2013. 7min 30sec

Drama. A son confronts the resentment towards his father only to realize the true intentions that turn his life around.

Best Shorts Nov 2013 (Merit of Excellence), ProFIRE 2013 (Special Awards of Progressive Film of Reality), World Film Awards (Golden Awards: Best Story, Best Newcomer/ Best International), Film Awards of Merit: Best Director/ Best Editing
2nd Asian Short Film Festival (Singapore Best Drama), Forster Film Festival (Best Film)

Price of a View

Lego Ho, Hong Kong, 2013. 2min 2sec

Documentary. The ‘Pearl of the Orient’ (Hong Kong) is a tiny place with a population of seven million. The space among the buildings becomes smaller and smaller.

Dreams in the Depths

Armin Isarian, Iran, 2013. 12min 48sec

Drama. A young boy and his father in a hidden cramped tunnel under the border walls between Gaza strip and Egypt are waiting to bargain their goods with the people from another side of the walls.

Best short film at Shanghai Int. film festival China 2013, Best short screenplay at Shanghai Int. film festival China 2013, Best short film at LifeTree Int. film festival Colorado USA 2014, Silver Award at IFVA Int. film festival Hong Kong 2014, Critic award at DC short Int. film festival Washington DC USA 2013, Best Audience Toronto Reel Asian Int. film festival Canada 2013

Our Promise

King Wing, Hong Kong, 2014. 30min 4sec

Romantic drama. As time goes by, everything changes, no matter what promises you’ve made at the very beginning.


Grace Chew, Vietnam/Singapore, 2014. 20min 40sec

Documentary. Three Vietnamese ladies hold the power to change their destiny as they actively seek for their partner in a foreign country.

Sewing Woman

Jin Woo, Korea, 2012. 3min

Animation. There is a woman who is always sewing.

2013 PISAF film festival (Korea)2013 INDIGO film festival (Korea), 2013 Femmina Woman Film Festival(Brazil), 2013 Brazil Student film Festival(Brazil), 2013 Annecy International Animation Festival, graduation film in competition (France), 2013 International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul, Asia short film in competition (Korea), 2012 Ottawa International Animation Festival, graduation film out of competition (Canada), 2012 Independent Film Festival in Seoul, short film in competition(Korea)

The Guardian

Disspong Sampattavanich, Thailand, 2013. 9min

Documentary? A canal village’s “crazy man” who is learning to swim wants to become a lifeguard of the village.

Award winning short film, Best Film and Best Actor from 9FilmFest (2013)