Morvern Callar

Lynne Ramsay (2002)

Sunday 18 October 2015
Picture House Social

It was a slow start to our post rave hangover screening. But the glow sticks and badges got us going, plus this cracking film that we love and have been wanting to show for ages. It felt right that it was Alison’s last screening before she goes away for the winter (read about why she picked this film).

We are chuffed that director Lynne Ramsay, via her agent, sent us this little piece…

I loved playing with the sound and music on the film as access into Morvern’s mute world. I always saw the film a part black fairy tale, Western of a kind with a mute iconic character kind of riding off into the sunset, and a demented road movie, but it became entirely its own thing.

Samantha [Morton, who plays Morvern Callar] went completely into character so it was difficult to call cut sometimes as she would always do something surprising and extraordinary. The film became a documentary of her face too. Kathleen McDermott who plays Lanna (Morvern’s best friend) had never acted before, she was a gentleman’s barber. An amazing chemistry sparked off between Sam and Kathleen, a genuine albeit awkward friendship akin to the one in the film and I think we caught that on camera.

Credit also to Des Hamilton who played the ‘dead’ boyfriend and also happened to be the casting director who lay on the floor for days on end till he could hardly move. It was an amazing crew, all close friends, Alwin Kuchler the D.P, Lucia Zucchetti the editor, Paul Davies the sound designer and Andrew Canon an artist who helped assemble the soundtrack with me all fell into the head space of the film. The mix tapes were compiled before we made the film so more often than not Samantha is listening to the actual music we used whilst we were shooting. I think she disappeared inside that Walkman! It’ll feel dated now with MP3s etc but hopefully the intention still stands up, and the music is so eclectic. The film was made in 2002, but I think music can date a film so picked tracks that feel new and exciting no matter when you watch it.