Von Sternberg (1930)

Sunday 1 March 2015
The Showroom Cinema S1 2BX
£usual cinema prices

Screening as part of our Film Bites Von Sternberg season at The Showroom.

The film that sealed Dietrich’s reputation as androgynous movie goddess, “Morocco” features her again as a cabaret artiste, famously strolling on stage in a man’s tailcoat and brazenly kissing a woman in the audience.

Her character falls in love with a legionnaire (Gary Cooper) but is also courted by a rich benefactor who wants to marry her.

Shot nowhere near Morocco but on set in America, the film has a dreamy, balletic mood more akin to stories of the Arabian Nights than a historical document of the Foreign Legion.

It is also extremely risqué for its time, both director and star later expressing surprise that it got past the censors!

It received four Oscar nominations including Best Actress and Best Director, and was selected for the US National Film Registry as a film of cultural and aesthetic importance.

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