The Passenger

Antonioni 1975

Wednesday 29 October 2014
the Old Woolworths, 17-19 the moor, sheffield, s1 4pf

The basement in the old Woolworths store still has all the shelving for stock, signs warning employees not to steal, only a couple of strip lights that work and the odd mannequin limb hanging around. In short, it made a brilliant pop-up cinema!

The film’s pretty good too. Jack Nicholson plays a reporter in a foreign land who takes the opportunity to fake his death and assume a new identity. The one he steals is that of an arms dealer and a trail of intrigue leads him across Spain, picking up a young lady (Maria Schneider) on the way and frustrating his wife and friends back in London who are trying to find him.

But this is not an action movie. This is an absorbing contemplation of identity that asks how much we actually know each other, is our self a collection of experiences and can we get away from that and start again? It’s a masterclass in cinema by Antonioni, with his trademark long shots, grand vistas and quiet observation.

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  1. David Saitch says:

    Genius. We showed it a couple of years ago.

    Hope it goes well.

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