Dead of Night

Cavalcanti, Crichton, Dearden & Hamer 1945


Sunday 16 November 2014
the old woolworths, the moor S1

Chilling and chilly! Our knowledgeable friend Christopher Wibberley brought along his 16mm projector and print of this ghost story anthology from Ealing Studios. Changing the reel the first time left us on tenterhooks, wondering what would happen to the man who saw a 19th century room in his mirror. We chuckled at the wonderful 1940s accents and lines (eg “I’m not frightened, I’m not frighted, oh [she faints]”), and were gripped by the tales of unusual goings on. And all with the backdrop of Theatre Delicatessen’s Horror Souk.

IMG_20141116_144227DSC_0509  IMG_20141116_153126


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