Vinterberg 2010

Sunday 19 May 2013
The Film Pool, Caledonia Works, 43 Mowbray Street

Members chose to see this film in our poll. Thanks members – perhaps the most tragedy-laden film ever!

It was really good, but relentless in piling on the misery for the heroes, two brothers whose lives are ruined at a young age by an alcoholic mother and the death of a baby. We follow them in adulthood through violence, drug addiction, bereavement, murder, hand amputation, imprisonment, suicide… And Denmark is supposed to be the happiest nation on earth! Maybe the director was trying to subvert the stereotype.

Despite this, we had a great evening. As you can see from the photos, people got stuck into the Lego and the cake was delicious. Many thanks to the Film Pool for the warm welcome, cosy space and excellent facilities. Also thanks to the Danish Film Institute for letting us screen the film.

  lego7 lego6 lego5 lego4 lego3 lego2 lego1 lego-concentration2 lego-concentration-3cakesscreeningIMAG0218

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