Rosso 1980

Saturday 28 September 2013
Hagglers Corner

After changes with the date, time, and a last-minute panic about the soundsystem, this reggae evening as part of Sensoria 2013 Festival of Music/Film/Digital went really well. We had a good crowd and it’s a great film, not least as a piece of British social history.

Members of a soundsystem collective in Brixton are hassled and victimised by the police, taunted by a rival soundsystem, and face a shocking level of racism from their white neighbours. But music, brotherhood and a touch of rastafarianism helps them through, not to mention some very natty outfits. And how had we forgotten that cars used to be so boxy?!

Aside from the film, we had Red Stripe in the fridge and some great tunes in the courtyard from the lovely guys at Riddimtion. It was a real film–music communion.

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