Jonze 2002

A screenwriting workshop and film screening for the Off The Shelf festival of words and literature.

Saturday 19th October 2013
Highfield Library, London Road S2 4NF

We loved John Hunter’s fresh and funny look at the building blocks of screenwriting, illustrated with clips from “Back to the Future” and “American Psycho” (guess you had to be there…) and a wealth of anecdotes and insights. We found out what Marty McFly has in common with George Bailey from “It’s a Wonderful Life” and the real underpinning theme of Jaws – and there was me thinking it was about man vs shark.

Then downstairs in to the main library for an after-hours screening “Adaptation”, a quirky film starring Nicolas Cage as a troubled writer and his twin, along with a host of famous names including Meryl Streep. This is an ouroboros of a film: a film about a writer writing about writing the screenplay for a film. Cinema eats itself.

Wonderful to be in the newly refurb’d Highfields Library and to show a film about writing while surrounded by books. Long live the library services and their contribution to all the arts!


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