The Singing Ringing Tree

(Das singende, klingende Bäumchen) Stefani 1957

Psychedelic winter warmer
Sunday 16 December 2012
Hagglers Corner Kaffihùs, Queen’s Road, Sheffield S2

Our winter warmer was certainly a cosy one, with a full house and standing room only. The Singing Ringing Tree took some back to their youth, while for others it was an education into the peculiar mid-century East German imagination! Will the handsome prince be turned back from being a bear? Will the stuck up little princess learn lessons in kindness and hard work by living in the woods with the prince-turned-bear? Of course! This is a happily ever after fairy tale.

People at the screening had the chance to guess where the money was hidden in our mini Fargo snow scene, and after the film we played ‘pin the beauty spot on Marilyn Monroe’ – (c) Magic Lantern Film Club.

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