Anderson 1968

Plotlines season: Coming of age
Sunday 30 September 2012
Common Ground, Machon Bank, S7

We were back to school with this brutal and tragic commentary on the English public school system. Our venue had the feeling of an old school hall, complete with plastic chairs and lack of heating.

We set the scene with the short Knitting A Love Song (2004) by local filmmaker Annie Watson (who was there to introduce it). Oh the ups and downs of being at school and infatuated with a boy in the year above!

Martin Carter from Sheffield Hallam gave us some pointers for If… with his introduction:

If… is a film of its time, archetypal late-60s adult arthouse that signalled a coming of age for British cinema (think Performance and others from Nicholas Roeg). Anderson believed that If… (whose title comes from the Kipling poem) would bring changes. The tragedy for him is that it did not.

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