La Jetee/Blade Runner

Marker 1962/Scott 1982

Sunday 27th February 2011
Old Junior School, Sharrow

Shot almost entirely in black and white stills relating an eerie story of time-travel in a post-apocalyptic world, La Jetee was the original inspiration behind Terry Gilliam’s “Twelve Monkeys”. With its careful use of slideshow images, voiceover and music, its chilling vision of a future dystopia, once seen, is hard to forget.

Blade Runner has been voted in many polls the top sci-fi movie of all time. In this genre-defining epic and dark visual extravaganza, “Four illegal humanoids have infiltrated 21st Century Los Angeles. Blade Runner hitman Deckard (Harrison Ford) is recruited to eliminate the convincing android beings before they cause any damage or create unrest in the paranoid hi-tech urban society…”

A window that kept being blown open by the wind outside just added to the film’s dark atmosphere. All present agreed that no matter how many times you see this film (and whichever version you choose!), there are always new things to pick up on and details you’ve not noticed before.

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