Audience Feedback

From Les Diaboliques, August 2013

Really enjoyed Les Diaboliques – the scene where Christine has a heart attack is, well, heart stopping! Genuinely creepy. I like the contrast between the two women, even down to their physicality. One childlike, dark plaited hair, petite, frail, a virginal catholic, & the other, blond, earthy, strong, buxom, lacking the moral guidance of faith, & dangerously sexy. Something else that echoed Hitchcock’s own characterization of blondes & brunettes no doubt. The film club is a great concept without all the “product placement” of the chain cinemas. Looking forward to the next one!

From Purple Rose of Cairo in association with Sheffield FridayNightRide, 6 Jan 2012

Thank you, thank you, thank you – I thought it was a great night. For me the ride was an evocative experience of going to the cinema as a kid and as an adult, so to finish off with such an apt film that I had seen but poorly remembered was sublime.

From A Summers’ End Soirée, 4 Sep 2011

The club is a fantastic idea, facilitating a new way to experience familiar spaces as well as enjoy screenings of non mainstream films – Sheffield needs this kind of independent happening. Thank you.

I thought it was great. And I caught up with a couple of friends I hadn’t seen for a while. Many thanks for all your hard work and an enjoyable evening.

Thank you for the event last night. It was absolutely brilliant. What a lovely evening and it felt so nice everyone sat outside watching the film. See you again.

The warm happy crowd say it all…you did good.