Living the Dream


Jen always wanted to be a projectionist and now she is the one who presses “Play” for film club. That might not sound too difficult, but she has magically brought to life the flicker of a moving image in a multitude of sometimes tricky environments, and it’s a lot harder than you might think.

Alison wanted to start a film club that was different from the mainstream kind of cinema experience, and then when she’d been doing that for a while, began to dream of doing it from more exotic locations. So now she’s our foreign correspondent in Mallorca…

And Mel dreamed of having her own cinema.

We were strangers when we met, but all three of us had the same dream, even going to scope out the old Adelphi in Attercliffe when we know there was no way we’d ever be able to afford to buy it.

Whatever you think of Mr Tarantino (and he seems to divide audiences like no other director we can think of), that bit in “Inglorious Basterds” where the French woman has her own cinema and is up a ladder posting the next screening had us all nearly fainting with delight.


So imagine our excitement to be awarded funding from the BFI to install new, state of the art screening equipment in the little mini cinema at Picture House Social. We’ve been kind of camping out there for a few months now, but this makes it a more permanent relationship.

As we write, it’s early days – the new equipment has just been installed and we’ve done a little road test and it’s faaaaantastic! We can’t wait to put on a film there and we hope you’ll be as delighted as we are by the quality.

The space still needs a few essential luxuries like comfy seating, a soundproof curtain and some Lynchian red velvet drapes…but bear with us, all that will be on its way in due course thanks to our hosts-with-the-most.

It’s a collaboration we hope will continue for a long time and as they are kindly naming it the Magic Lantern Cinema, it’s the first step to having our very own neighbourhood cinema!

Please come and join us there soon – there’ll be lots happening so if you’re interested in helping out or have any great ideas for programming, do let us know.

In the meantime, look up when you’re passing near the Old Cinema on Abbeydale Road – you might see one of us teetering on a ladder, posting the next film title….




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