2015 and all that

The beginning of January is a two-headed monster. And one of them has a hangover. Still, the number of the year rolling over makes us think about the year that’s past and what’s to come.

We kicked off 2015 with some free champagne and an invite to the opening of the Curzon. It is a year where the cinematic landscape of Sheffield has been changing. We wonder what Dr. Shaw would say about it all. He cam along to screenings in our Marlene Dietrich Film Bites strand at the Show room early in the year. Rest in peace, Dr. Shaw, we miss you.

What else? Well, it’s as if we have grown up this year. We’ve stopped flirting with a multitude of different venues and got into a kind of long term serious relationship with the Picture House Social, through we still went out to play with the Boatyard boys for our summer screening of Wish You Were Here. We’ve become the kind of organisation that has a patron, none other than the incredible Viv Abertine. We’ve worked with Friday Night Ride a film director to bring Dummy Jim to Sheffield, continued to collaborate with Chris Wibberley to bring you the magic of 16mm projection, and held a tournament before our screening of Ping Pong which all of us failed to win.

We said good-bye to Alison at a screening of Morvern Callar, who moved away this year. And although she is not crawling on the floor with duct tape between her teeth before screenings she is very much one of us. She’ll be back for some birthday shenanigans as in May we turn five. And with some luck we’ll take you to the stars and back in September if we are successful with our bid to work with Dr. James Mullaney, an astronomer from the University of Sheffield during Festival of the Mind. We’ll be continuing to work on our business venture, at camera-o.co.uk to help others secure a license put on a film event. And who knows what else. And that, as all film clubbers know, is the exciting bit. The part yet to be revealed.




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