Twelve days of Christmas quiz

We thought this was an easy one but it seemed to get a lot of people stumped at our December film yesterday ! But we think some of you might just have been a bit shy to speak up, as afterwards we found quite a few completed quiz sheets with many of the right answers.

See how you do….(answers at the bottom)


Name the films to make up the twelve days of Christmas:

  1. “The ? Rule of Fight Club…”
  1. Weird, creepy 1960s sci-fi where Rock Hudson needs a doctor like he needs a hole in the head. Instant win to anyone who can get this without looking it up!
  1. “Somebody looks up at the lighted window. The shadow of a bombed building falls across his face so we cannot see it. He walks towards the door and stands in its shadow. A cat walks across from the other side of the road, comes to the man’s legs, purring, and rubs itself around the bottom of his trouser leg.”  Screenplay directions for which film?
  1. The star of this sobering film made an incredible physical transformation to play the part. Who is the actor and name the film. Bonus points: Name two other actors who have radically changed their appearance for a film, and what were the films.
  1. This high budget sci fi features a star from tomorrow, who has some weird continuity going on in the hair department. As for the female lead, the future is orange!  Best line: “Woah Lady, I only speak two languages – English, and bad English
  1. Michael (Juno, Scott Pilgrim) Cera auditioned to play the supporting lead in this film but got turned down because he was too upbeat in the audition, and the part did require a certain amount of, er,gloom.
  2. 7.Which film was famously lampooned by Bill and Ted? And can you name two of their other life or death challenges.
  1. The best film ever made about film making” – Roger Ebert. We are cheating a little bit here, but this is a hard number to get into a movie title. Bonus point for getting the hidden reference to another film.
  1. The star of this creepy film was so keen to work with the director that they were happy to take a huge cut to their usual 10 million dollar fee. Even though this director was a wanted criminal and has been described as an “evil, profligate dwarf
  1. Superior teen flick with a story lifted from Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew
  1. Smooth remake of a 1960s heist movie, it shouldn’t be too much of a gamble to get this one right. 
  2. The star of this also stars in two of the other films in this quiz, and actually did the movie for free because he wanted to work with the director so much. That director was such a stickler for perfection that he delayed shooting for a whole day over a misbehaving hamster that didn’t feel like running in its wheel!



  1. First ”  2. Seconds (Frankenheimer 1966) 3. The Third Man  4.Born on the Fourth of July  5. The Fifth Element  6. The Sixth Sense  7. The Seventh Seal  8.  81/2 / Hard Eight  9. The Ninth Gate (Roman Polanski) 10. Ten Things I hate about You  11. Ocean’s Eleven  12. Twelve Monkeys (Terry Gilliam)



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