Introducing Camera Obscura

Once upon a time, a different kind of film night away from the multiplex was so unusual that we had to start our own. Now, you could probably go to one every night – really, there are four happening this week that I know of, and wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few other ones sneaking under the radar…

There are so many film clubs and film nights now in Sheffield that it feels reminiscent of the early days of cinema when there was a picture house in every neighbourhood.

We say, the more the merrier, and that it’s great to see such an appetite for cinema, especially watched with a group of people in a friendly informal setting. There really is something for everyone, if you know where to look. And with organisations like Cinema For All, there’s lots of advice about how to start your own film club.

IMG_4530But what if you just want to do a one-off or occasional screening?

In the (gosh is it almost five…) years we’ve been doing Film Club, we’ve been asked by a whole lot of people if we can put on a film for them.

From large-scale open air charity events to showing “Frozen” for a six year old’s birthday party, we’ve mostly had to say no because we simply haven’t had the time or person-power to do anything beyond our own monthly screenings. We are flattered to be asked and have been sad to turn people down.

Yet it does seem a logical extension to our original dream of “Experience Cinema Anywhere”, popping up in all sorts of strange corners of the city for people who for various reasons might rarely go to an actual cinema.

So, as the requests keep on coming, and as more groups seem to be interested in putting on their own screenings, we decided to develop a “film club for hire” strand.

logoWe’re calling it Camera Obscura (because that’s another of our passions and one we’ll be developing further in the coming year) and operating this as a separate arm of Magic Lantern.

School or charity fund-raiser? AGM? Film and food event? Birthday do with a difference? It’s for anyone who wants to add a bit of silver screen magic to their event. We can help you choose the right film, or with finding a particular film and making sure you have the right licence to show it. We may be able to help with equipment and projection. We can even help you to find a venue.

Want to know more? Have a look at the link below and do get in touch. And as for those regular film nights – don’t worry, we are still running Magic Lantern as usual and there’ll be news of our next film very soon.

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