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Watching films is an addiction. There’s always something new coming out, always old classics not yet seen, and then there are the forgotten gems to discover. The novelty is neverending.

At the moment, my life is being taken over by Mubi. This is an online film streaming service for cineastes like me, people who’ll watch whatever looks interesting. Its offer is simple – every day, a new film is added and it’s available to watch for 30 days. Then it drops off the bottom of the list and you can’t watch it any more.

The films are a handpicked selection of interesting arthouse and foreign stuff, with the occasional well-known indie thrown in (today’s film is Anton Corbijn’s Control). Over the weekend I enjoyed crazy dark farce That Day by Raúl Ruiz and one of my favourites has been Involuntary by Force Majeure director Ruben Östlund.

involuntary2I have found myself getting up early to squeeze in that film I really want to see as it’ll disappear that day. It’s ridiculous. There doesn’t seem to be as much time to go to the cinema any more, which is annoying with Sheffield’s double dose of brilliant art cinemas these days (this town is big enough for the both of them). I’m looking forward to seeing their programming for the rest of the year.

Discovering new stuff reminds me of catching random films on late-night Channel 4. Sometimes they taught me something about life and showed me a new way of looking at things.

We hope Magic Lantern Film Club can help feed this addiction. Our Von Sternberg season at the Showroom earlier this year gave light to some rarely seen Dietrich films. We screened a lucky dip programme of short films by Asian directors with Red Dot Cinema from Singapore. Over the next few months we’re planning to show some locally made films, a documentary and a British film you may not have seen for ages.

bessiere : von sternbergWe’ve also been lucky enough to browse the shelves at Cinema for All and are previewing some possibilities to screen. Autumn brings the Scalarama festival and possible collaboration with our fellow independent exhibitors in the city.

So take a chance and come see something you’ve never heard of!

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