Our Year in Numbers

film club in numbers

Many organisations have, by January, reflected on their year in numbers. Carefully counting receipts, scouring records of attendances, analysing audience figures and using social media hits as a barometer of how well they are doing. Then, a very expensive graphic artists is employed to gives these numbers a visual make over so the whole thing is easy on the eye. It all sounds like a lot of work. And we apologise for being late in bringing you our end of year report, but here goes.

2014 has been a year of 365 days. We have managed to screen on 14 of those days. An abysmal record of only screening on 4.61956 % of possible dates. Audiences have fluctuated wildly, with a reported audience of 967 for our screening of Modern Times, as part of the University’s Chaplin festival, breaking all known records (‘Jen, I don’t think you’ve been using the hand held tally device properly.’) We have been asked at least, I dunno, 100 times If we could just (insert any random request here from screening Frozen at a child’s party to Bladerunner in Tudor Square in about a week). I am sorry to report that bad language has been used during film club meetings. Alison being the worst offender by far, having researched the etymology of swear words thoroughly. I can, though, happily relay (as has not been the case in other years) that average temperatures for all screenings has been above zero degrees. We have definitely not had any problems, technical or otherwise, at any of our screenings and any mishaps you may have witnessed were entirely in the imagination of the audience.

Of course, most of this report is a work of fiction. We’re not a FTSE 100 company. So we don’t have to hire people to massage the accounts, agonise over customer demography, or pull our hair out over our Google analytics and then report to share holders. We do this for love, not money. There is no evil bossman to tell us differently. So here’s to making it up as we go along. And we intend to be continuing in this fine tradition into 2015 and beyond.

Happy New Year everyone.

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  1. Isabel says:

    Hahaha. One of the reasons I like Magic Lantern so much. Looking forward to 2015 screenings. Can you just….?

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