Oh Christmas! Up Yours

effin angelCook a gourmet turkey for fifteen people! Make Nigella’s festive cranberry fool in individual glitter-frosted shot glasses! Find that perfect present under £50 for the man who has everything! Hand-felt and sew your own Christmas stockings filled with home made cookies and thoughtful handcrafted gifts! Make sure the tree is decorated in this year’s colour scheme because last year’s is so well, last year! Throw a sparkling cocktail party for all your neighbours and try not to mind about all the broken glass! Take your entire family to Lapland for a holiday they’ll never forget because you’ll never speak to each other again! Lose 1/2 a stone to fit into that LBD and then pass out under the table because you haven’t eaten for three weeks and the first sniff of sherry goes to your head like a sledgehammer! Source brilliantly unique artisan gifts for each of your many close friends and family and then leave the whole lot on the bus!!

OR – say “Up Yours Christmas!”and come to our next screening, a festive but totally unseasonal Girl Powered double bill with added zine action.

With only 9 shopping days before the big day (no, we haven’t actually counted) you know it makes sense.

We Are the Best!” and “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains” Sunday 14th December, Old Woolworth’s, The Moor, Sheffield. Doors 5pm.

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