Experience Cinema Anywhere – Holiday Challenge!

DSC00009So you know our motto – and we thought that some of you might be off on holiday soon (if you haven’t already gone) and might even be going to the cinema while you’re away.

Summer holiday cinemas can be terrible places, the last resort when it’s been raining all week and everyone’s desperately looking for something to do – or they can be as unexpected and magical as one of the first moving picture shows in a tent at the travelling fair.

One of my favourite holiday cinemas was an open air one on a Greek hillside, with goats wandering around, occasionally taking a lunge at your ice cream, and the film stopping for an interval halfway through the most dramatic scene. Can’t even remember what the film was but the setting was perfect, one I’ll never forget.

When you’re on holiday the film itself can be secondary to the sheer experience. Though I will never forget watching “Pulp Fiction” in a tiny “cinema” in Dharamsala, in the company of Tibetan Buddhist monks in robes who laughed uproariously throughout and had to wipe their streaming eyes on their saffron robes.

Other memorable cinemas we’ve visited on holiday recently include Kino in the Woods, a customised house in Toronto, the Electric Picture Palace in Southwold and a vintage cinema in Oregon.

But it doesn’t even have to be a particularly unusual building. It’s often the holiday atmosphere and the people you’re with that make it special.

So where are you going to experience cinema this summer? And what will you see? We’d love to hear about it. Send us a postcard, a picture or a memory. Tell us your holiday film-going stories.

And if you’re holidaying at home – why, we have just the thing! There will even be sand…our next screening, “The Goonies” will be at Highfield Adventure Playground so you can recreate that summer holiday school’s out feeling without needing a passport.



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