Who’s your movie Valentine?

Still in search of that perfect person? Take this quiz and discover your dream date…with the cast ofPandora and the Flying Dutchman”

How do you like to dress up for a date?

a) Wouldn’t you be more interested in how I like to get undressed??

b) Smart shirt & plenty of hair oil

c) Tight trousers, frilly shirt and a rose between my teeth

d) Elizabethan doublet, hose and ruff

e) Back-comb my beard and I’m ready to go

What sort of music gets you in the mood for love?

a) Torch songs

b) The purr of a well-tuned engine

c) Flamenco

d) Sea shanties

e) The music of the spheres…

Where would you go on your ideal date?

a) Skinny dipping and boarding a complete stranger’s boat

b) Brands Hatch

c) To the Corrida, then to visit my mother

d) Back in time

e) There’s everything we need right here in my library

Your date wants to buy you a drink. What’s your poison?

a) What have you got?

b) Petrol fumes are intoxicating enough for me

c) A glass of bull’s blood!

d) Salt tears of regret

e) A nice cup of tea

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

a) Drive men wild with desire

b) Tinker with my car and then burning some rubber

c) Run with the bulls (and visit my mother)

d) Sail the seven seas for eternity

e) Read poetry and decipher ancient manuscripts


Mostly a) Phwoar! Your dream date is a sultry temptress! -as played by Ava Gardner


Mostly b) Zoom! Your dream date is a racing car driver! – as played by Nigel Patrick


Mostly c) Ole! Your dream date is a Spanish bullfighter! – as played by Mario Cabre


Mostly d) Ahoy there! Your dream date is a 300 year old ghostly sea captain! as played by Huddersfield’s finest, James Mason!

images-7Mostly e) Careful, now…Your dream date is an archeologist with a taste for staring into the distance spouting long winded quotations! – as played by Harold Warrender


Not sure you fancy any of this lot? Come along to see the film anyway, have a drink, eat some tapas and meet some real flesh and blood people. We can’t promise romance, but we like to think you will find a fellow film loving friend or two. Hasta luego!

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