“You can’t always get what you want….”

…and we did so want to bring you “Night of the Hunter” as our February film.

Re-released this week by Park Circus films, this juicy slice of Southern Gothic weirdness was Charles Laughton’s first and only film as director and gave Robert Mitchum one of his best roles as the psychotic preacher Harry Powell. If you like David Lynch and / or the Coen brothers, chances are you’ll recognise many qualities influenced by Night of the Hunter, its expressionistic photography, oddball characters and its sense of menace tempered with a black humour.

images-3We decided that we’d start the year by each choosing one of our favourite films to show over the next three months, and this was mine (Mel’s).

You can see an earlier write up of the film on our Films to Watch page. Ever since film club began, I’ve had this up my sleeve as the film I most wanted to share when the time was right. Three years on, that time seemed to be now.

images-2Problem was, we’d forgotten that it was about to be re-issued nationally this month and that as a result we’d chosen the wrong time to to try to screen it ourselves. Even though our local independent cinema is not planning to show it themselves, there are restrictions on film societies screening certain titles during the launch period, so sadly, we will have to postpone this particular desert island screening til later in the year.

Do go and see it if you can – and then come and see it again at a later date with us!

Meanwhile, plans are developing nicely for Alison and Jenny’s film choices and for February – well, we have plans to show an altogether different type of Southern Gothic drama. As usual – licence permitting. So drink a tot of Southern Comfort to the films of 2014 and cross your fingers for us. We have some great plans hatching. We’ll be back with more news soon.






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