Sound + Vision

simon%20001Music at the movies. There seems to be something about it, out and about, beaming through the airwaves, just now. The BBC are running an excellent thread of programmes on TV and the radio about the Sound of Cinema. Sensoria, Sheffield’s celebration of music and film is nearly upon us (and this year we are taking part, screening ‘Babylon’ at Haggler’s on the 28th)

So, last Sunday, there was only one question to ask our sometime music collaborator, friend and DJ, Mr Alex Feather. And that was for his thoughts on soundtracks.

Sitting at my kitchen table he name checked Midnight Cowboy, The Graduate, Forbidden Planet (for which new machines were invented to make noises), Batman, Jaws, The Jungle Book, The Black Hole, Pretty in Pink.

And then he went home and thought of some more. The Wickerman, Get Carter, Stiletto, The Italian Job, A Fistful of Dollars, Some Like It Hot, Battle of Britain, S.A.S San Salvador, Fantasia, Oceans Eleven, Hatari, A man could get killed, The Thing,Taxi Driver… and oh, he could go on. This man owns a lot of vinyl. Many boxes of which have film music inside.

Well yes. We could sit around all day making lists. And that sounds kind of appealing with the mountain of work I should be doing instead of this. But the best soundtrack to a film? If you made me pick?

The clicks and whirrs of analogue projection when the lights go down do it for me. Magical.

Alex Feather will be DJing in Manchester for an evening of Burlesque at the 235Casino on the 29th of November
Sensoria opens 26th September at venues across the city
We will be screening ‘Babylon’ at Haggler’s corner on Saturday 28th September

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