Midsummer musings

How the heck did this happen? It’s midsummer and the year is halfway through. Has it all been a dream?

midsum_1Although there have been many good things, we’ve had our seatbelts fastened tight for much of 2013. It started off with a fair amount of turbulence and the bumpy bits just kept on coming.

Some of this has been to do with funding; we’ve always prided ourselves in being financially self-sufficient but screening costs keep rising and it’s got harder to keep going in the carefree way we started off.

Licensing is the biggest headache and we’ve already talked a lot about this and why these days we need to charge a door fee in order to cover higher license fees for each film we show.

Other setbacks have been with venues – we’re always looking at new spaces to show films and we’ve fallen in love with some of them, only to find that they’re not available after all, or aren’t ready yet, or – alas – we can’t afford the hire fee.

Or with potential partners – we’ve had some great connections with people and discussed possible collaborations but for one reason or another things haven’t worked out. The time isn’t right or we perhaps we want to do different things. Honestly, sometimes running a film club feels like speed-dating!

But, cross fingers (and toes), things gradually seem to be looking up and the programme for the next few months seems to be falling into place. We’ve got some fabulous events planned, if we say so ourselves. You’ll be hearing more about these soon…

And for our midsummer wish (I think everybody is allowed one of these) we are going for a generous sprinkling of magic to surround us and everything we do – not just the wherewithal but the ideas, opportunities, places, people, and of course the FILMS that will help us to live up to our name. Whether or not you believe in fairies, the summer equinox is traditionally a magical and mysterious time of year; so join us, believe in us, support us, wish us luck and let’s watch some magic happen right in front of our eyes.


One Comment Add yours

  1. magiclanternjen says:

    Clubbers send us your magic wands and we can make film club dreams come true

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