New Toys and Old Joys

old thingIMG_0686

Film club went shopping yesterday. We went to see the lovely people at Richer Sounds and bought ourselves a sleek black DVD player that says ‘hello’ when you switch it on. We took it back to our studio space and plugged it into the projector we bought through the Co-operative groups community fund (Co-op we love your 99 tea bags and are very thankful for your kind support). The instruction booklet looked scary. Do not use at altitude. Do not insert foreign objects. Risk of certain death if this device is not correctly earthed. But what the hell. You only live once. So we switched it on.

And it worked. First time. Beautifully. In daylight.

We played ‘Superclassico’ the Danish comedy you rejected in our recent online poll in favour of some stark dogme influenced unflinching realism (you dark hearted lot). There was music. And ticker tape. We danced around the room.

All around us were boxes and bags full of old projection equipment. Earlier in the day we had been to the Montgomery Theatre (hopefully to become a classy venue for an evening of noir later in the year) to look through some stuff they were giving away. Stuff that included a wall mounted bowl that at one time Montgomery ate his cornflakes out of (badly repaired with superglue)- now believed to be a fake. We loaded up the car with old speakers and film equipment. They knew how to make things heavy in the mid twentieth century. There was just enough space for us too. We have no idea how any of this works but it looks pretty and we twiddled the knobs. And we can learn.

Still with me? What next then…..Support your local co-op and become a member. You will be supporting groups like ours with big ticket items that we need but would be otherwise be unable to afford. We can plan more screenings in venues with poor blackout and bring you a technically better events in the future. We can’t wait.

You’ll be able to see our projection equipment old and new and meet us as part of the open studios event at Bloc on Arundel St on June 15th . In the meantime, if you know about old projectors then please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you. The usual channels of communication are open.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mike Atkins says:

    Hoping you can show something on our anniversary in August at the car port cinema. Hang the British summer, we’re going to have another garden party and need a main attraction for later on.

  2. Mel says:

    Ah, we thought you’d never ask! As for the British summer -how about “Singin in the Rain” ?!

  3. Mike Atkins says:

    We would like to be a little more positive and something like “Jazz on a Summer’s Day” is more the order of the day – though I do have that on dvd. I still am using your South Pacific etc. I may have to replace them for you. I have found an excellent feature on the discs playing just the songs for mum, who still joins in despite herself.

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