Lovely People!

Film club is luxuriating in a bit of a warm and fuzzy feeling today after our latest screening of “Viridiana” – our first film in ages after a rather cursed March, where everything we tried to do seemed to go wrong. Licensing problems, bereavement, equipment breaking down on us and a host of other small but niggly obstacles, just one damn thing after another, like pebbles in your shoe.

So we were feeling a bit nervous about the April screening. When our new projector didn’t arrive in time and Jen came down with a bug the day before, it all seemed to point to the jinx continuing and there have been some moments when we even wondered if it was worth carrying on – but we were reckoning without the amazing support of some truly lovely people.

One of the best things about film club is the people we get to meet. Because of our nomadic status, we always collaborate in some way, and we have made some really good links with other organisations. But what has been really moving is people’s goodwill and willingness to support us. Helping to shift equipment (there’s a hell of a lot of lugging about involved), setting up the screening area, offering us venue space or photocopying free of charge, offers of volunteer time – although it’s been quite a struggle recently, we have begun to realise that the help is there and we don’t have to do it all on our own.

Yesterday we were able to get a decent picture for a black and white film on a sunny afternoon, thanks to a fabulous projector loaned to us by our friends at The Film Pool, a feat our old projector would not have managed nearly so well. For the first time ever we had roadies! – thank you Richard and Alex – and we had some wonderful food. Terrific tapas was made lovingly by Richard B and scoffed by a deeply appreciative audience (the beggars’ banquet scene at the end of the film seemed to get everyone hungry all over again) and we have already had lots of compliments from people who came. Thank you all for making things go so smoothly, and such fun.

So many people have gone out of their way to help us – too many to mention really, but chances are that if you are reading this, you are in some way one of them. We really value your support. In the next few weeks we’ll be working out a proper governance structure and talking to anyone who’s volunteered to define what people would like to do, and – we hope – finding out how we can support you too. Thank you all so much – you’re lovely.

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