Nomads of the silver screen

mc2When we tell people we’re a mobile cinema club, we’re often asked, “So where are you based?” – to which the answer is, “It all depends…”

The other thing we get asked a lot is whether we operate from the Lantern Theatre in Netheredge – to which the answer is, no (although we have done a couple of our screenings there, they actually have their own monthly film night)

A conversation we had this week made me think it might be time to explain again just what we do, and where, as we think we’re pretty unique.

Although we started off as a film club based at the Old Junior School in Sharrow, we were given our own screen by a kind benefactor by in the first few months. The rest of the equipment followed soon after alongside offers of other places to show films, and before we knew it really, we had become Sheffield’s first and foremost nomadic film club, bringing our cinematic experience to different venues around town.

We try to fit films and venue thematically – sometimes the link is a wee bit subtle, but there’s usually a method in our madness. So we showed “All About Eve” in the rather tasty and boudoir-ish room upstairs at the Broadfield Hotel, and last-record-shop-standing documentary “Sound it Out” in an empty shop space. In a few months we’re showing “Jaws” down by the waterfront, and our next film, Luis Bunuel’s anarchic “Viridiana” is going to be at Heeley Institute which has a serene, church-like atmosphere just right for the story of a young nun being led astray…

So we hope you get the picture. We love being mobile because it means we get to work with different venues and collaborators. In good weather we can do outdoor screenings. We can do screenings for private parties (more about that another time) and blaze a trail of cinematic delight across the city, linking up with some of the other film nights, festivals and clubs while we’re at it.

Since our licensing situation changed recently, we are now able to start advertising our screenings so look out for our flyers telling you where to find us next. So we hope it’s all a bit clearer now. We’re nomads of the silver screen. Catch us if you can…



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