What kind of fakery is this?

ImageEverything is not what it appears to be…

We know in some part of our brain that you can’t believe everything we see. That they are having us on. Film Makers have always, through the constraints of money, time and contractual obligations, and sometimes just for the shear hell of it, substituted one location for another. Almeria has done quite nicely out of the film geek tourist trade as people hunt out Sergio Leone’s Wild West. Check out any film location agency and they will tell you how Bristol can be made to look like East London, East London like Berlin, and Berlin like a city from another planet.

Does it bother you? This con at the heart of film making?

Should it?

Cinema is built on a trick. A simple one. Play still frames sequentially and fast enough and the brain is fooled into seeing a moving image. Magic. And after that was discovered, well the ticks and lies just came thick and fast. One on top of the other. Someone pretending to be someone else, blood made out of ketchup, smoke and mirrors, painted backdrops, set ups posing as real life docs, animatronics, CGI… and we love it. All of it. Can’t get enough of it.

Hold on then, Film Clubbers, to your suspended disbelief.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Mike Atkins says:

    I’ll hazard a guess Jenny wrote this. It’s not just magic, it’s got a lantern with it. F is for Fake after all.

  2. magiclanternjen says:

    Yep. It is me. I’ll own up now

  3. Mike Atkins says:

    I’ll own up too. I thought it was your spelling and I saw magiclanternjen on the by-line when I commented here. I still enjoyed the observation

  4. magiclanternjen says:

    Me secretarial skill are not my strong point. One day I will learn to type (and spell)

  5. Mike Atkins says:

    Not on my account I hope. I quite like the quirky spelling and the occasional double and triple potential meanings that they lead to. Dyslexia rules ko!

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