All Aboard for 2013!

We are feeling very excited about 2013 as lots of new things are happening – first of all, we kick off our new membership scheme this month. We’ve been running for two whole years on a shoestring (or possibly a Charlie Chaplin-esque boot lace) – fuelled mainly by serendipity, some great venues letting us use their space, members’ ever-generous donations and a smattering of outrageous good fortune.


As we want to do so much more and get bigger and better, a year’s membership will now cost £5. Although most of our events will continue to be free to club members, there’ll be a members’ discount on ticketed screenings (and oh, have we got some great plans up our sleeves for these…) as well as other perks from local organisations and collaborators. And a Magic Lantern badge!! Don’t say we’re not good to you!

Secondly – we now have an office space! We are based at Bloc Studios on Eyre Lane and very delighted with it so far. We have somewhere to store our stuff, and a mailing address! Not to mention a great place to have planning meetings. We’re papering the walls with film posters and creating a little library of film books and mags; in quiet moments we’ll be able to research obscure bits of information so you can expect a return of our famous brain-crunching quiz challenges…

Thirdly – in response to your feedback, the films we show this year will reflect members’ choices and requests. Please do continue to let us know what you’d really love to see. Licensing is always a consideration but if enough people want to see a particular film we’ll try to make it happen. “Alien” was voted no. 1 best film in the members’ poll in November, so that’s going to be our next screening, with a chance to see more of your favourites during the year (though we’re still at the planning and plotting stage for much of 2013). We’ll be trying some different days / times for screenings, too. And more social opportunities to mix and mingle, should you wish.

There’s lots more, but as we write the new year is not even in double figures, so we’ll save the rest til later…but in the meantime, if you have yet to make a new year’s resolution, how about resolving to support your friendly neighbourhood community cinema? We look forward to seeing you soon…

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