Chain reaction

You thought we’d gone away and left you in peace, didn’t you? Forgotten about this chain nonsense and got on with the sensible business of screening films – well, we’re doing that too (see Coming Up page) but a new link has been born and we need to share it with you.

We had gone from the Jungle Book to the Magical Mystery Tour, and from that to the 39 Steps (Beatles collaborator and director Bernard Knowles had been Hitchcock’s director of photography)

Now we go on a new journey from the London Palladium all the way to Kazakhstan for the 2008 film Tulpan. But why??? What’s the link?

Don’t be alarmed – it’s easier than you might think…and you can get your own back on the man who suggested this by coming up with a heinous new link of your own. Where next?? Well, it’s up to you. We look forward to the journey…

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mike Atkins says:

    Playing by myself again. tulpan was a tough one to come up with a link unless you go for the obvious – Borat. At least this should have some links that everyone will find a little more familiar. Let’s see someone else have a go now.

  2. Sorry Mike, we’ve been a bit preoccupied but we’ll post the new link later today with all-singing all-dancing pictures and stuff!
    Let’s see if that sparks off a new round of chain tomfoolery!

  3. ….and thank you for being such a good sport 😀

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