The Chain goes on….

So what’s the connection between the first Bond film “Dr No” and Jaques Tourneur’s “I walked with a Zombie”? Marion, who suggested the link, based it on location – both films were shot in and around Jamaica, while Richard suggested voodoo henchman Baron Samedi in “Live and Let Die” – also a cracking connection!

Richard also suggested a further link from “I walked with a Zombie” to our September film “If…” – because Jacques Tourneur also made “Cat People”, remade in the 80s by Paul Schrader and starring Malcolm MacDowell (feline hot under the collar as Nastassia Kinski’s long lost brother)…and the film that made Malcolm MacDowell famous was of course Lindsay Anderson’s 1968 maverick “If…”

So where next? Where will this lead us? From rebellion on the rooftops to …….??? Who knows? There are some dark and devious minds out there. Looking forward to a new twist….


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Mike Atkins says:

    I suggest The Man who would be King.

  2. Mel says:

    Most excellent! (and if you were to Trust In Me, culture vultures, I could suggest the purrfect link to follow on from that….)

  3. Mike Atkins says:

    Nice – but what did the vultures sing in that book

  4. Mel says:

    “Hard Day’s Night”, wasn’t it? 😉

  5. Mike Atkins says:

    A Magical Mystery Tour seems to be under way – luckily I’m a bus driver

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