3rd link in the Chain

More players now in the chain game – join in if you have a link in mind, however far-fetched or however obvious.

So we’ve gone from Battleship Potemkin to 1st Bond movie Dr No. Because… (if you missed this earlier)…Brian de Palma made a very clear reference to the Odessa steps sequence in “The Untouchables” (1987) which starred Sean Connery – the first, and for many people, the archetypal James Bond.

As usual there are many places this can go but tonight we travel to the West Indies where spooky things were afoot in Jaques Tourneur’s “I Walked with a Zombie” (1943) What’s the link?

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  1. Richard Freeston says:

    One link is via another Bond outing: ‘Live and Let Die’ (1973). Roger Moore locks horns with arch-villain Kananga, one of whose henchmen is the voodoo-inspired Baron Samedi.Seeing this as a nipper, I was, frankly, terrified…

    [In due course I propose a connection from “I Walked with a Zombie” (1943), to ‘If’ (1968) ]

  2. Mike Atkins says:

    I liked this link too, but would not be surprised to find that another explanation was in the mind of the person who suggested the link. I really cannot think of a link for “If” so Richard may need to give some more clues

  3. Richard Freeston says:

    OK Mike; I realised afterwards that I may have done a ‘double’ link jump there, which is obviously makes it pretty tough. However, rather than changing it, the first clue is: “Miaow…”.

    [Also, I didn’t want to jump the gun and be proposing links before we’d fully explored the previous – but I got carried away! MagicLanternTeam: maybe we should agree on some guidelines for how long we explore a given link in the chain before proposing the next one, and indeed deciding who should do the proposing??]

  4. I know what the connection is and had thought of that too! Still have a soft spot for that soundtrack…
    Richard, you have a good point about guidelines – shall we say 24 hours between us posting the link and getting an answer (and with it a new link)? Or longer? The blog is networked automatically to Facebook so you can answer that way too. Strictly speaking it should be the person who guesses the link who chooses a new one. But just to be fair we’ll wait for responses before posting an answer here on the website. (The person who provided the latest link responded via our archived Facebook site, so I got a bit excited about having another player!)
    If you have any better ideas please say, as it’s been a long day and may not be thinking straight….

  5. Mike Atkins says:

    Cheers Richard, sounds good to me whichever. I was happy making my own links anyway. Try this – I walked with a zombie via the director to cat people and then to O lucky man where human-animal combinations are featured and a short hop to If via the director. Also happy to go with comment below from the ladies who know…

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