First link in the Chain

So it’s Monday morning, it’s raining and some of us need a distraction or two – so here’s the first link in the movie chain game, suggested by ace club member Mike. From Robert Mitchum in “Cape Fear” to Terry Gilliam’s “Brazil” – what’s the link, and can you suggest a new link from “Brazil” to something else?

Over to you…

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  1. Mike Atkins says:

    Has anyone else tried the oracle of bacon and should it be outlawed or necessary for this game. I am getting impatient to submit another link and another etc.

  2. What on earth is the oracle of bacon?? Feck it, I think you should just run with it, I’ll join you and we’ll have a giggle!

  3. Mike Atkins says:

    Google it. Your move. Sounds like you have just watched The Commitments or something else from norn iron

  4. oh, THAT Bacon! Pas de problem. So many places to go with that….
    Did watch The Commitments again recently in fact but for proper OTT Norm Iron it’s got to be “In the name of the Father”…

  5. Mike Atkins says:

    What Bacon were you thinking of? Never seen that Daniel Day Lewis strangely – does it top Hunger I wonder.
    Loved the Commitments. Saw it with two good friends (one later became my wife and the other my best man) between two films in the LFF one year many ago. It wasn’t in the festival but turned out to be the best of the day. I can’t remember the Festival screenings but we went to a few Surprise screenings back then and it was probably Mnemonic Man that year. Now there is an idea that takes a huge leap of faith – a Magic Lantern Surprise film. I would, of course, definitely be there.

  6. What a good idea. We can definitely do that. I have a fond memory of going to see The Commitments too – so desperate to see it that when the first performance was sold out, my friend and I went to see a truly dreadful film (think it might have been “Dead Again” with Kenneth Branagh, tho couldn’t swear to it) just in order to stay in the cinema so we’d be there for the late showing. I don’t know why we didn’t just go to the pub.

  7. Incidentally, thought “In the Name of the Father” was worthy but not a patch on Hunger.

  8. Mike Atkins says:

    Who needs worthy?

  9. Johnny says:

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