Cake is the food of film club…

Mel asked me to post my Magic Lantern cake recipe. It got me thinking about film food. Or maybe it’s just that I am hungry and I should cook myself some tea…

Cake. Cake is the food of film club. Made with love, at home, with time and care. Made because we want to make coming to film club special. Because we need a few more pennies in the donation tin. Because we think you might like it. Sharing cake is like sharing a film. You are one of us. One of the club. You are very welcome.

Popcorn, (though we like it and sometimes we make it too), is the food of the multiplex. The maths on commercial film exhibition is scary. You have to get a lot of bums on a lot of seats to make it pay. Sometimes it’s OK. Everyone comes, they tell their friends. There’s a queue. But very often ticket sales just aren’t enough. Multiplexes aren’t really in the business of showing films. Don’t be fooled by the number of screens, the big comfy chairs with the cupholders, the card board cut outs of Johnny Depp in the lobby. Multiplexes are giant buildings trying to sell you one thing. Popcorn. A low cost, extremely high profit commodity. More lucrative than drug dealing. Charge them a lot for something which is mainly air. It’s a crazy idea that we all fall for. And the nachos with some kind of yellow stuff on them. The supersize coke. The pick and mix sweets (Oh, Woolworths where have you gone?), a frankfurter made out of plastic. Here be money. Oh yeah, and they also show films. Sometimes good ones. Don’t let me put you off going. Some films are made for the multiplex experience. We are never going to be able to give you quadraphonic sound on a 3D new release. Just before you hand over your hard earned cash (sweet or salty? Big, extra large or this box here that’s as big as a house?) wake up to the racket they are in.

There is probably a multiplex price on my head now. Before they get me I will share the magic lantern film cake recipe with you all, so you can have the authentic cake experience at home. Just think of us while you eat it. Enjoy.

Magic Lantern Cake:

150g butter, 150g brown sugar, 75g Plain flour, 3 eggs,1 and half tsp baking powder,110g ground almonds (if you can only get 100g up the quantity of flour slightly), Other stuff. Depends what you’ve got about. Chopped apple, pear, plum, chocolate chips…. This is the kind of cake that doesn’t mind. Got a glut of blackberries? Throw them in.

Cream the butter and sugar, whisk the eggs and mix in, fold in ground nuts and flour, add the other stuff, a greased cake tin is good, but I cooked one in a casserole pot before I bought one. 180 degrees. Check after 45 min, but can take an hour-use the clean skewer test in the centre to tell. I sometimes wrap in foil to stop it drying out as this cake takes time. Dust with icing sugar. Good hot or cold.

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