Autumn Sonata

Well, autumn is not officially here yet but it’s on its way….
Even if you left school or college years ago, there’s a new term kind of feeling about this time of year – a time to sharpen your wits as well as your pencils after the laziness of summer. Time to get back into productivity, learning, doing instead of dreaming (hmm, well, maybe…)
It’s the time of year that we think about learning a language, doing an evening classes, having a garden clear out, doing a car boot sale, reading that book we gave up on after 2 pages by the pool in the heat of July … making chutney, having a haircut, sitting around a bonfire, and certainly curling up and watching a movie…it’s also a perfect time to join a film club!

Here at Magic Lantern we’ve been growing up over the summer holidays and making plans for the future. We got a healthy response from the members’ survey earlier this year, so thanks to all of you who took the time to let us know what you think.
Most of you wanted film club to keep on doing pretty much what we’re doing but having listened to your comments we’re looking at making a few changes to the programme – trying some different days and times of the week for those of you who can’t make a Sunday evening, and introducing more social elements and discussion time too. To add to the big school ambience, this term’s films will feature introductions and interventions from Hallam University’s Film Studies M.A cohort.
We will still have theme evenings, games and prizes, as well as popcorn / cake / refreshments, which seem to be an important ingredient for everyone! We’re going to be making some changes to our membership soon, too, with all sorts of treats in store for regular supporters.
Please do continue to get in touch with your thoughts and requests; available time and licensing restrictions mean we can’t do everything we’re asked to, or would like to, but where possible we’ll have a go…

But in the meantime, to get you into the back to school groove good and proper, please make sure your sensible shoes are polished and ties properly knotted for the next in our “Plotlines” series, when we’ll be thinking about “Coming of Age” with a screening of cult British film “If…” on September 30th. Venue to be confirmed, so stay tuned for more details – and you at the back, take that chewing gum out of your mouth and pay attention when we’re speaking!!

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