DIY cinema

by Alison

I was born in 1978, so punk didn’t rock my world (maybe my cradle). But the punk era has left a legacy in its attitude that still resonates today, especially in these slickly corporate times.

Our cultural lives are made up of other people doing interesting things enhanced by an audience – art, music, writing, performance. But sometimes you just have to do it yourself. We wanted a pop-up film club, to watch films in places where they wouldn’t normally be shown. A vagabond cinema that is free to be as mainstream or as experimental as it wants. No-one else was doing it, so we’re giving it a go!

We feel our ethic is quintessentially punk. A little rough around the edges, each Magic Lantern Film Club screening is an event with an atmosphere created by the people who come. It’s about being here, sharing this experience that we’ve made happen. We may not have Dolby surround sound or be the slickest technical outfit (even the big cinemas have trouble with projection on a regular basis from what I hear!), but we do what we do because we love seeing a good film on a big screen. In the process, we’re meeting lots of brilliant people and discovering a whole new DIY side to Sheffield. We may never take over the world, but we’re sure having fun in our small corner, and watching some fine pieces of cinema in the process.

So up yours, Your Majesty! Happy jubilee. Thanks for bringing in the tourists. But it’s people like us who make this nation a vibrant and dynamic place to be.

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