Suddenly sexy Silents…

It’s not just the fact that “The Artist” has notched up ten Oscar nominations and seemingly created a new appreciation for the genre of silent cinema; it’s surely a zeitgeist – there’s also been Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo” (eleven nominations), Mark Cousins’ wonderful series “The Story of Film” paying homage to the early masters, Tacita Dean’s love letter to analogue film at Tate Modern, and a rare screening of “Napoleon” at the San Francisco film festival this April.

There’s also a kind of feeling lately that small is beautiful – that there is more to life than the generic, the mass produced and the multiplex – that is similar to our vision for film club. Celebrating the hand-crafted and the individual, going back to the roots.

We’re going to be showing the ace documentary “Sound it Out”, about the enduring glories of vinyl and the independent record shop, as part of the Sheffield Tramlines festival in the summer, and there’s a similar ethos there.

Last year we showed the original “Frankenstein” and an early Laurel & Hardy comedy on 16mm and the whirr of the projector, the flickering light and the ritual changing of the reels was a magical counterpart to the images on the screen. You don’t get much more roots than that, and we thought it was an experience worth repeating…

So our next screening is a double bill of early cinema, because the time is right.

Also, various members have been asking us to show “Sunrise” since we began and we do so hate to disappoint. Silent or no, it’s said to be one of the best films ever made….come and see for yourselves…..

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