Advent Calendar Answers!

Ta-daaa! Now, we know that one particular contributor got all the answers anyway, but for those of you who dipped in and out of the quiz, or were too shy to post their comments, here is the full and unexpurgated list:

1-     One flew over the cuckoo’s nest

2-     Two lane Blacktop

3-     The Third Man

4-     Born on the Fourth of July

5-     Five easy pieces / Slaughterhouse Five

6-     Buffalo 66 / Twelve Angry Men (but rubbish maths)

7-     Se7en

8-     Butterfield 8

9-     The Ninth Gate

10-   Ten things I hate about you

11-   Ocean’s 11

12-   The Dirty Dozen

13-   Assault on Precinct 13

14-   Nine to Five

15-   The Seven year Itch +Eight Mile

16-   Sixteen candles

17-   10 + Doctor No (007, geddit)

18-   18 Again

19-   K 19 – The Widowmaker

20-   2001 (20 – 01)

21-   21 grams

22-   Buffalo 66 (again!) / Close Encounters of the Third Kind

23-   9/11 + Three Colours Trilogy

24-   24 hour Party People

25- It’s A Wonderful Life

Thank you to everyone who contributed both clues and answers. The winner knows who he is, but we’ll be announcing that later today…..




3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mike Atkins says:

    The answers to my two questions were :-

    19 – Novocento / (101 Dalmatians – Let the right One In)
    20 – √ Les Quatre Cent Coups

    Don’t know what I am going to do now – had this to look forward to every day for the last month.

    Thanks for all your efforts

  2. Melanie Pearson says:

    Must have missed your clues Mike (and had been trying to work out ways of putting old Antoine Doinel in there somehow) so sorry for not rising to the bait there. Maybe you should join in with our Rutland pub quiz idea…OR, wait for the next one, which won’t be long, heh heh heh…

  3. Mike Atkins says:

    To be honest I was only trying to second guess the next day. Trying so hard I didn’t get the title of 18 right. Alison got the Novocento etc. films and I was always looking at 400 blows. Always liked Truffaut especially a school film club viewing of Fahrenheit 451 and later seeing Day for Night and its french title explaining a film technique. Smoke and mirrors or magic as in the lantern. You trump me with the character name and I am sure you didn’t have to look it up (IMDB – never leave home without it!). What ‘s involved in the Rutland Pub Quiz?

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