Advent Calendar: The twenty third

One man shows the world how tragedy in one country can be exploited to justify war in another


French flag trilogy…


Courtesy of our friends at Bragazzi’s, the best/most creative at the end of advent will win £10 to spend in the cafe (224–226 Abbeydale Road S7 1FL). Post your answers below, or on Twitter or Facebook, or send us an email.

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  1. Mike Atkins says:

    This is either the most convoluted answer ever or your thinking of something else entirely. I am assuming addition of the numbers in the first film and only one of the trilogy films to make a total of 23:- Contender 9/11 and Three Colours Blue, White and Red. I may come up with something else if it occurs!

  2. magiclanternjen says:

    We like convoluted. I think you are beginning to see how our film brains work…

  3. Melanie Pearson says:

    Also doing some head-scratchoing over this one….I am currently compiling the answers for the month’s films and as the quiz was a joint effort between us, Jenny did this week – am also having trouble with this one and may need to seek expert advice….

  4. Mike Atkins says:

    Contender should be Fahrenheit – big fingers and predictive trxt

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