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  1. Mike Atkins says:

    Eighteen for today.
    I have one for you for tomorrow maths inclusive:-
    two Italian boys’ epic friendship up and down over 45 years through two world wars
    divided by
    (Lots of spotty dogs minus boy with special bloodsucking friend)
    Tub of chunky monkey at the showroom

  2. Mike Atkins says:

    chunky monkey is the prize

  3. magiclanternjen says:

    We’ll need to get our collectve magic lantern heads together and think on that one….
    Love it you are coming up with your own…

  4. Novecento (1900) divided by 101 Dalmations minus Let The Right One In = 19

    Thanks Mike. That was fun!

  5. Mike Atkins says:

    Congrats, I started with Innocent and worked back – it was fun to do. Now the hard part – claim ur prize most Fridays.

  6. Melanie Pearson says:

    It’s a date! Then divide by the four of us, minus whoever is on holiday….
    Hoping to be at Les Enfants du Paradis on the 30th, b t w, may see you there!

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