Advent calendar for the thirteenth

We are half way through the calendar already! Here’s today’s clue. Guess the film from the one-line synopsis:

In a deserted district, a gang terrorise the authorities by stealthily laying siege to a building that’s about to close.


Courtesy of our friends at Bragazzi’s, the best/most creative at the end of advent will win £10 to spend in the cafe (224–226 Abbeydale Road S7 1FL). Post your answers below, or on Twitter or Facebook, or send us an email.

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  1. Mike Atkins says:

    John Carpenter near his best. The recent remake proving Hollywood’s obsession with taking shortcuts to make a buck. Assault on Precinct 13. If I remember, he wrote, directed and scored this with fantastic atmospheric music – genius.

  2. One of our film club fantasies is to show this at the disused police station at West Bar! What d’you reckon??

  3. Mike Atkins says:

    Yes indeed. Would make an excellent companion piece to Twelve Angry Men we saw in Court 6 at the crown court as part of sensoria some while back. One question though – is this one of many fantasies or is there a possibility of realising this one?

  4. We would love to show several John Carpenter films but most of them are currently not covered by our licence. At the moment what we can screen depends on our licensing as we’re only covered to show certain films.
    Otherwise we have to get a special licence per title which can be pricy, so for that we’d either need some funding in place or be able to guarantee a good enough turn out to cover the cost; as we’re still quite new this would generally involve linking up with a larger organisation or event, which we did with “Orphee” in association with Off the Shelf.
    So there you are! it’s frustrating but we’re continuing to work on the linking up bit. Hoping to be doing something with Sensoria in fact, so stay tuned….

  5. Mike Atkins says:

    Is there a rule of thumb for what is or is not within your license. I have to admit the exclusivity and like-mindedness of your gatherings are a large part of the attraction so increasing popularity brings a threat to that benefit. The showroom and cinemas like it do a good job at the bridge between magiclantern and multiplexes. It still allows room to explore the fringes and sensoria-like events and I for one am glad to support and enjoy the results. Keep up the good work!

  6. Thank you! We like it that way too, though it is frustrating not being able to show everything we would like, or where we’d like (health and safety, premises licensing etc) but negotiating the obstacles is part of the fun. Thanks for being part of it all as a member and was good to meet you and your missus!

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