Proudly Presenting the MAGIC LANTERN 2011 ADVENT CALENDAR!

Yes, it’s another dastardly “Guess the Movie title” quiz and since it’s the first day of December we are bringing this to you as a cinematic advent calendar.

Each day between now and Christmas Day we’ll post an (approximately) 20-word synopsis of a well-known film and all you have to do is a) guess the film and b) spot the theme.

To see just how easy it is, here’s the first:

A charismatic rogue creates waves amongst inmates of an institution but makes a bitter enemy of the woman in charge.                                                    


So keep the seasonal blah’s at bay and get your movie juices flowing – answers here in the comments section or via Facebook, the best / most creative will win a prize!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mike Atkins says:

    My belgian DVD says “Vol au-dessus d’un nid de coucou”. Lots of connections, like the chain on Radcliffe and Maconie… Jack Nicholson, European director, 1975, Danny Devito, Mental Health, one of my favourite films of all time. Can’t watch ending anymore after seeing it for the 5th time at the cinema. I’ve probably guessed wrong now after all that

  2. The Chain! Fantastic idea, we could do that with films – definitely one for 2012. Titles sound so classy en francais!
    We’ll reveal the answers at the end of the 24 days as a Christmas present to you, merry pranksters that we are (yep, that’s a clue)
    A demain!

  3. Ha ha, I worked in the NHS for a while and there were too many of Nurse Ratchett wannabees for my liking!

  4. Secret Cinema had them out in force when they screened an interactive showing of this film. Can imagine it might have been too close to the real thing for comfort….

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