Film of the Day quiz answers!

Here’s the list of films featured in October’s photo quiz, in the order they appeared:

1. Jurassic Park (but could have been Tyrannosaur….)

2. Beetlejuice

3. I, Robot

4. Knife in the Water

5. Weekend (we were thinking Godard, not the new one) – but there was a strong response for Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, too

6. Ghost in the Shell

7. Das Boot

8. The Squid and the Whale

9. Pan’s Labyrinth

10. Radio On

11. The Phantom Menace

12. Wings of Desire (but could equally have been Angel Heart)

13. Perfume (or could have been Scent of a Woman)

14. The Vanishing – original version, it goes without saying

15. Midnight Cowboy (though a special mention for High Noon)

16. Drugstore Cowboy

17. The Big Blue – this totally foxed you all. Sorry…

18. Three Colours White

19. Pretty in Pink

20. The Green Lantern

21. Bad Day at Black Rock

22. Masque of the Red Death

23. I am Curious, Yellow

24. The Goalkeeper’s Fear of the Penalty

25. Dial M for Murder

26. Suspicion

27. Psycho

28. Rear Window

29. Harvey

30. Ed Wood

31. Batman Begins

Did you get them right? Were some of them too hard? We certainly had some interesting responses….The winner will be announced later today so watch this space!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Have so enjoyed this quiz (could you tell?)I’m kicking myself over a few of them eg Goalkeeper’s Fear of the Penalty, and was completely outsmarted by others…. Ed Wood/Look back in Angora (Very clever!)So thank you muchly for the time and trouble you’ve taken to put it together, and I hope it becomes a regular feature!

    John Marshall / BasculetheTeller

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