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  1. Midnight Cowboy……. Oh no, got an ‘earworm’ now!

    Should I email these in? I feel like I’m hogging the blog a bit

  2. No, it’s great to have someone to play with! According to our spy technology there are lots of people looking at these who are just too shy to reply, so keep the answers coming and we’ll continue to think of ridiculous visual puns and sly references! See you tomorrow!

  3. Simon Le Bon Bon says:

    Clocked it. Midnight Cowboy.

  4. Actually, this could just as easily be High Noon. Anyway, no time to discuss this. I have to go into Texasville and catch the 3.10 to Yuma where I am meeting my misfit friend Shane and his three amigos as we are all heading out to East of Eden to see The Last Picture Show (which is, incidentally, the greatest show on earth…).

  5. So true. If you see the man who shot Liberty Valance could you tell him there’s a searchers party out on his trail, unless he wants his name on a tombstone he’d better get his ass on over to the far country, which is no country for old men – whoops, skipped genres there, easily done….

  6. Simon Le Bon Bon says:

    I saw that Kelly MacDonald in the Ubiquitous Chip last time I was over…

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