Showroom visits

The new Studio Ghibli film “Arriety” was the big crowd puller at Showcomotion festival and sold out almost immediately but we took a group of home-educating families to see “Small World Shorts”.

Quite a mixture of ages, from under two to over fifty but as this was an international programme of short animated films, without dialogue and mostly less than five minutes long, there seemed to be something to suit everyone and we all came out with a different favourite.

My older girl wasn’t going to come, thinking the films would be too young for her, but they turned out to be aimed at all ages and she enjoyed them a lot: it was good to hear her laugh at some!

As for “Arriety”, we have had a lot of requests for Studio Ghibli / anime so look out for some of these in the Junior Magic Lantern summer holiday programme, coming soon! We have a great screening space available at St Peter’s Hall, “Common Ground”, on Machon Bank, S7 (just off Abbeydale Road almost opposite the Abbeydale Picture House) – please stay tuned for exact times and dates.

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