Archive Mash-Up

The very capable Rajnish Madaan, Learning and Engagement Co-ordinator at Sheffield’s Showroom Cinema, led an inspiring session for Junior Magic Lantern with  a Y4 group at Sharrow School. Starting with a screening of historic gems from Yorkshire Film Archive including a 1900 film of boys playing leapfrog, he then showed the children some basic editing and sound overlay techniques using Windows Movie Maker.

With archive footage of swimmers, leapfrog and boys throwing snowballs uploaded onto their computers, the children were soon able to speed up, manipulate and colour the original films to make their own versions, complete with titles and a choice of classical or jazz soundtrack. It felt very satisfying that they got such professional looking results so quickly, with some of the children displaying innate skills in editing and comic timing.

We’ve now finished our screenings with Carterknowle school who have got the bug and will be going on to do their own Film Club, and we hope to be running some more screenings and activities with Sharrow School over the summer holidays.

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