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  1. Naomi Hinch says:

    I really liked the lovely informal atmosphere and the feeling of a ‘make-shift’ cinema. Thoroughly enjoyed the film. Hadn’t seen it before – good choice. Everyone there was really friendly and nice. Apple cake was tasty. Well worth the contribution I made. Will def come to another film.

    Felt a bit like I OD’d on Cat Stevens! Bit of confusion with location as Facebook said Sharrow Junior so went there first although that wasn’t a big problem.

    How about inviting people who want to, to discuss the film after with a glass of wine/nibbles that they’ve brought.

  2. We are planning to do this Naomi, and have more regular screenings with a “book club” kind of format where people can discuss the film – it seems a shame to share a good atmosphere and then just slope off afterwards. So watch this space…
    Re the venue, sorry about the confusion – the Old Junior School is next week! We’ll make a more obvious distinction in future, thanks for pointing it out.
    And hope to see you at another one soon!

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