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The Best Gaming Mice of 2019

We are proud to tell you, we have compiled a list of our favorite and best of the best gaming mice of 2019. These gaming mice are the best for a good reason and we hope that the information you receive will guide you in making a great decision on what your next gaming mouse will be. We have broken it into a few categories to help ease all this information coming at you, for more information check one of the better guides at places like thetechinsider.

                        Best Gaming Mouse

            Steel Series Rival 600: Priced at $57.oo. This gaming mouse is great, and a lot of people have given it rave reviews. It will fit mostly anyone’s needs as far as a gaming mouse goes. It has a dual sensor design, and no-acceleration optical sensor. It features an accidental movement lift off sensor, so there are no movements in the game. It is light weight, at 96 grams, it is very comfortable and accurate. The buttons are very responsive and tactile. The scroll wheel is a favorite by many, its so smooth and balanced. It has RGB lighting too, and you can set up the mouse’s seven buttons. This mouse is priced in the middle range and offers a lot for the price you pay. It is a wired mouse for medium to large hands.

                        Best Cheap Gaming Mouse

            Steel Series Rival 100: Priced at $28.00. This gaming mouse is great for those who are on a budget or want something cheap that has a lot to work with. This mouse is lightweight, weighing in at 91 grams. It has a great shape to it as well.  It is easy to grip too. It has an optical sensor, six buttons, RGB lighting, is wired, and a great mouse overall. It is made for ambidextrous gamers and one side button is on the left side.

                        Best Wireless Gaming Mouse

            Logitech G Pro Wireless: Priced at $149.00. This mouse is hands down, one of the best gaming mice out there today. It is expensive, but well worth every penny of it! This mouse is responsive and reliable, just like a wired mouse. It is very light, weighing 80 grams. It will last about 48 hours with the RGB lights on, and without the lights its 96 hours. It has long battery life and a powerful optical sensor, which performs very well in games. It has amazing accuracy too. It has a medium size and is great for comfort as well.

BenQ Zowie FK2

                        Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands

            BenQ Zowie FK2: Priced at $60.00. This mouse is for small to medium hands. It is wired weighing 84 grams. It has a low-profile design, buttons are on both sides, and ambidextrous also. It has an optical sensor and we all love this one too. The 1 to 1 tracking is very accurate and its very comfortable and simple. It doesn’t have a lot of lighting, but it gets the job done and done very well. We all agree this is a great gaming mouse to have.